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Statement from Small Business Group Regarding Upcoming IMCO Working Group Meeting on Targeted Advertising

Oct. 19, 2021, BRUSSELS: Connected Commerce Council (3C) spokesperson Brandon Mitchener made the following statement regarding the upcoming Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) Committee’s Working Group on the Digital Single Market meeting regarding targeted advertising:

“As the Digital Single Market Group meets to discuss targeted digital advertising, the members must understand that digital advertising is the single most important marketing tool for countless European small businesses. Targeted ads allow small businesses with limited budgets to find potential customers more easily and less expensively than ever before. They are a cornerstone of modern commerce. 

“The European Parliament is so obsessed by its crusade against large technology companies that it is blind to the ways it could hurt small businesses. Proposals to ban or otherwise devalue digital ads with new restrictions on data collection and internal sharing will only serve to make the ads more expensive and less effective, benefitting big companies that can afford to spend millions of euros on mass media advertising. Google and Facebook will survive these new rules, but they will hurt the small hotel owner in Greece and the home décor shop in Poland.” 

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