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SME Profile: CASS Software

Cloud and Security Services (CASS), founded and led by Dawid Kikosicki and Adam Dymurski, both long-time enthusiasts about all things IT, was founded in August 2020 at the time of the pandemic.  “The idea behind starting the company was one: to use our passion for IT to help companies become more digital and thus increase their efficiency and chance of success,” says Mr. Dawid Kikosicki. As he adds, he and his team accomplish their mission by administering and implementing IT infrastructure, including cloud solutions, that were created by Adam Dymurski. Cloud is a technology that is already revolutionizing the way companies operate in the digital realm. It is cited by many experts around the world as the technology of the future.

Despite the difficult, pandemic times, the company is growing – announcing new partnerships, promotions and implementing new products and IT services to its offerings. What’s more, it has even set up an online store. “At the beginning of meetings with our potential customers at business dinners, it quickly became clear that there is little awareness among entrepreneurs about how important part of the business is IT infrastructure and how important it is to digitize business in these times, especially if we want to compete effectively. Moreover, often conversations with companies’ management gave them good arguments supporting the idea to invest in IT, but then some time after the meeting they forgot how IT products and solutions offered by CASS could benefit their company. That’s why we decided to set up an e-store where we describe in a clear and accessible way how our products can help almost every business, and where access to this information is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Of course, we also offer the assistance of professional advisors in making decisions regarding the selection of optimal solutions,” explains Dawid Kikosicki. 

He believes the store will be an important source of revenue for CASS in the future. There are already plans to develop English and Spanish versions of it. Although the e-store itself is a digital tool, the CASS team also uses other digital tools like Google Ads and Facebook Ads to develop it. Analytical tools like Google Analytics are also used, as well as the store’s built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. “In order for the store to help us better display our offer and increase revenue, we need to use modern digital solutions to get to know our clients better and offer products best suited to their needs,” says Dawid Kikosicki. 

As the founder of CASS pointed out, success would not be possible without access to the aforementioned and many other free or low-cost digital tools. CASS promotes its services on industry Facebook groups and on LinkedIn. With the latter platform, CASS has special hopes – currently the company’s profile has over 130 followers, but it plans to gain more to reach their total number of over 500. This will allow it to effectively use the network effect that LinkedIn offers. Google tools are also used to position the brand in search results using Google Business Profile “We didn’t even know how much this free tool improves CASS’ online image and drives traffic to our website, especially YouTube and Google Maps. Although we work in B2B business, we are confident that this kind of marketing will build our brand image. And as we know, a good brand builds customer trust, which is the most important in our business,” says Dawid Kikosicki. He is also convinced that they will invest even more in social media advertising as it is a cheap and effective way to get the message across to carefully selected recipients who may be potentially interested in CASS’ services.

“Although we founded the company during the pandemic, we are still growing and acquiring new customers. I believe that the combination of our passion, knowledge and the right tools will allow us to effectively solve problems of our customers, help them grow and thus also develop our business,” adds Dawid Kikosicki.

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