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Spain dominates Google travel searches

More and more destinations have joined the opening of borders in recent months . In turn, travelers are dusting off their wanderlust spirit , and we're looking at hard evidence: accommodations and flights dominate top Google searches.

SME Innovation & Digital Readiness to ‘Build Back Better’

When: Thursday 27th May 2021, 4:00-5:00pm CET Watch: YouTube Some of the world’s most successful companies began as startups. They made the transition from an idea, to a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), to the world leading companies we know today. Startups are at the heart of almost all industries, and contribute heavily to the…

Has the pandemic pushed European SMEs to go digital?

During lockdown, digital tools have provided a safety net for small businesses. Most European Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have been forced to close physical premises...

Google alerta de que tan solo el 42% de las pymes europeas están digitalmente avanzadas para enfrentar la crisis

Dentro del sector empresarial, las pymes son las que más duramente están sufriendo las consecuencias económicas de la pandemia. La adaptación al nuevo escenario que plantea...

Covid-19: Maioria das PMEs portuguesas aumentaram uso de ferramentas digitais

Um estudo do Connected Commerce Council revelou que a maioria das PMEs portuguesas aumentaram o uso de ferramentas digitais durante a pandemia, apesar do "ligeiro atraso" ...

Pequenas empresas portuguesas que usaram ferramentas digitais durante a pandemia venderam mais

Durante a pandemia, as pequenas empresas portuguesas que vêem as ferramentas digitais como essenciais e utilizam muitas delas, tiveram um desempenho...

Competências digitais avançadas podem gerar 2,3 mil milhões de euros em vendas adicionais em Portugal

Embora Portugal fosse um dos países europeus onde as pequenas e médias empresas menos utilizavam ferramentas digitais antes da pandemia, é o terceiro país da Europa onde a sua utilização mais cresceu

New Research: European Small Businesses Benefit from Digital Safety Net

Brussels, March 24 — A new report shows European small businesses that adopted digital technologies sooner and more aggressively during COVID-19 reported 80% better sales and hired more people than digitally skeptical businesses. Digitally Driven: Europe, a study commissioned by the Connected Commerce Council (3C) in conjunction with Google and Greenberg, of more than 5,000…

Statement From Connected Commerce Council President Ward on the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act

WASHINGTON (Dec. 15, 2020) – Connected Commerce Council (3C)  President Jake Ward released the following statement responding to the European Commission’s introduction of the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act. “On behalf of more than 1,000 European small business members of 3C, it seems that the European Commission does not appreciate digital platforms’ importance…

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