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SME Profiles

SME Profile: The Village

The Village is a startup that was founded in 2019 by three women – Aleksandra Kozera (a Harvard graduate who is passionate about socially responsible business), Agnieszka Luczak and Weronika Matejko-Skwarek. Its mission is to connect parents and their children aged 1-6 with local educational centers – called Villages – where the youngest can receive…


New Research: 93% of European Small Businesses Use Targeted Ads

Jan. 19, 2022 (BRUSSELS) — As the European Parliament considers proposals to ban targeted advertising, a new survey shows that 93% of European small business leaders have embraced data-driven advertising that enables advertisers to reach recipients based on products and services that interest them, 76% percent called targeted ads valuable and 34% say they are…

SME Profiles

SME Profile: CASS Software

Cloud and Security Services (CASS), founded and led by Dawid Kikosicki and Adam Dymurski, both long-time enthusiasts about all things IT, was founded in August 2020 at the time of the pandemic.  “The idea behind starting the company was one: to use our passion for IT to help companies become more digital and thus increase…


Covid-19 Widened Inequalities. Digital Tools Can Close the Gap

As well as its more obvious effects, one of the most noticeable aspects about the global pandemic was that it further widened existing divides. Women, low-income workers, the youngest and the poorest were hit extremely hard.